Player Details

Name:Neil McCormack

Position: Bb Bass

Started Playing: 1980

Been With Lochgelly: 23 years

Previous Bands: Dysart Colliery

Likes: Guinness, Stella (Macaulay), Guinness, Celtic, Guinness, Lochgelly Brass Band, Guinness, FOOODDDD!!! and Guinness

Dislikes: People who are indecisive and I'm not sure there is anything else

Would like: To get back to the Championship section the week after I win the first 5 times lottery rollover jackpot. Then play in the Albert Hall.

Favourite Banding Moment: Everytime we win and the after contest party (or just the after contest party if we lose)

Worst Banding Moment: Everytime we put on a good performance and don't win!

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