Successful ceilidh night aids band funds

The band recently held a very successful ceilidh night in the Pathead Arts Centre, Kirkcaldy. With traditional music provided by the Ceilidh Minogue band the night was voted a great success by all those who attended. With the combined assault on the National Finals and Blackpool this year the band have been pulling out all the stops to raise money to enable us to play at both events. The ceilidh night is a chance for the band to let their hair down a little and raise some money at the same time. Thanks are due to all those who helped organise the event, those who provided the buffet, all those who paid to attend and of course, the Ceilidh Minogue band (good name guys). In an obvious reference to the forthcoming National Championships, band president Neil McCormack commented "last time we held one of these events was the week before the Scottish and we know what happened then". See you all at the next one.
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