Band Appoints Alan Fernie for Fife Open

The Lochgelly band are delighted to announce the appointment of Alan Fernie as our conductor for the forthcoming Fife Open contest. Alan Fernie hails from Newtongrange, where he joined the local brass band as a youngster. From these beginnings he went on to study trombone at the Royal Academy and has played for many of Scotland's leading orchestras. Today, he is best known as probably the finest arranger of brass band music in the UK. It is virtually impossible to find a brass band anywhere in Britain that has not played at least one of Alan's arrangements, and he continues to be asked to write new material for the UK's leading brass bands. He is also in great demand as a conductor and has acheived notable success recently with the Jedforest Instrumental band. Recognised as one of the best brass band tutors in Scotland, Alan also works with the Loanhead Brass Roots programme. Alan is very enthusiastic about this opportunity to conduct the band and is looking forward to acheiving some success with a band that he describes as "going places". Vice Chairman John Martin said "The band are very fortunate to have acquired the services of someone who commands the respect of everyone in the brass band world. We are delighted to have this opportunity to work with Alan and we look forward to acheiving some success under his direction".
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