Half the man I used to be

On the bands' recent trip to the national Mineworkers Championships in Blackpool we stopped at one of the many Motorways services. It was with great dismay (and the encouragement of a few bottles of beer) that Bb bass player Neil McCormack proudly stood on a check your weight machine. The poor machine has never been the same again!!!!!! Neil is of course the correct weight, he is however only 6 feet tall and should be 27 foot 3 inches. After much soul searching and constant nagging from friends, family and the floorboards Neil decided that he had to lose some weight. As is the case with anyone who undertakes this task (especially as a new year's resolution) it is very difficult to keep motivated and the cry of the KFC becomes too great to resist. Neil needed something to help keep him focused and out of Ronald McDonalds superb restaurants. As the band treasurer no one is more aware of how cash strapped we are so the obvious idea was to try and earn the band some pounds whilst Neil was shedding his (I know it was obvious but it had to be done). So it was that on Friday 11th January Big Neil booked a slot at the local weighbridge and duly tipped the scales at a svelte 333 pounds! (translated that is 23st 11lbs or 151.4kgs). His ultimate goal is to reach somewhere in the region of 15st, but this may obviously take a week or two and so to set a more reasonable target for a shorter time frame Neil hopes to be approximately 20st by the end of May 2002. We will keep updating the website with his progress, so if the whole world watching is not motivation enough then what is, but if anyone out there would like to encourage Neil by pledging some money to the cause then please feel free to do so at the email address fatty@lochgellyband.com this address will obviously change in the next few months to plumpy then skinny, but we will keep you up to date with where he is.
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