Equal Opportunities Policy

Lochgelly Brass Band

Statement of Principle

The fundamental consideration for recruitment and retention of members in Lochgelly Band will be based on merit, and consistent with this principle will provide equal opportunity to all race , gender, marital status, disability, religion or political beliefs. This status will apply to existing and new members and the policy will encourage and guide all members on the implementation of the policy within the band.


The objectives of the equal opportunities policy are:
  1. To regard individual merit as the prime criterion for existing and potential band members.
  2. To remove any discriminatory barriers to the development of members playing abilities, aspirations, and potential.
  3. To increase the range of potential players to reflect the diversity of the pool of suitable potential candidates.
  4. To develop a band that is representative of the pool of potential candidates including all races, gender, marital status, disability, religion or political beliefs.

Acceptance Criteria

The criteria for acceptance to the band will be based on:


Training and Implementation of the Policy

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