Lochgelly Band

About Lochgelly Band

The Lochgelly Band were formed at some time during the early to mid 19th century although the first recorded instance of a brass band in the town dates from 1854 so this is generally regarded as the date of formation. Since its formation the band have been active participants in both the contest arena and in public performance.

The band are an integral part of the local community and can be regularly seen at community events, including the town gala day parade and the annual service of Remembrance. We also present several concerts throughout the year including our annual summer concert and the not to be missed Lochgelly Christmas concert.

The band rehearse in our bandhall at 37 Russell Street, Lochgelly. Rehearsals are held on Sunday evening at 6pm and Thursday night at 7:30pm.


Paul McKelvie OBE


Stewart Hepburn / Murray McFarlane

Donna Fordyce / Lianda Barnes

Rab Nicol / John Macdonald

Ailsa McIntosh / Brian Sullivan

Stuart Sangster

Kim McCathie / Jo Robertson


Karen Brow

Eileen Jenkins

Shona Moffat

Louise Gilmour

Stella McCormack



Jane Dewar

Michael Abbot

Tony Magee

George Cameron

Tom Smith



David Macluskey

David Macauley

Jesus Lorente Gonzalez

James Cowan


John Martin

Bruce Gilmour

Neil McCormack

Alan Morrison


Fiona Balsillie

Greta Hoggan